While using the Echo device, you may see that suddenly the device is appearing offline. There could be a number of possible reasons due to which your Alexa app says device is offline. You might be using the outdated version of your Echo device, or you may not have the proper power connection and so on. If your Alexa app says device is offline, you can read this post and find the appropriate troubleshooting solution to your problem.

How to fix Alexa App that says the device is offline?
Try the below-given troubleshooting steps to fix Alexa app says device is offline and continue using the smart services:
Properly Plug-In Your Echo Dot Device
Check your device, it must be properly plugged in and getting the proper power supply. Always use the original power adapter. If you see the red ring light on the top of
your device, it means that the device has power and if the light is not visible, you can try to plug in the Echo device to some other electric outlet.
Restart Echo Device
You can restart the Echo device to troubleshoot the issue. Restart the Alexa enabled device and check if the problem is fixed or not.
Move Echo Device Closer to Router
Sometimes, the Echo device is located in the far distance from the router and unable to get the proper WiFi signals due to which the Alexa app says device is offline. In that situation, we suggest you place the Echo device closer to the router. This can help you to resolve the WiFi connectivity issue.
Check the WiFi Connection
Check whether your WiFi is working fine or not, sometimes the poor WiFi connectivity is the reason that Echo appears offline. Check if the router is working or not if it is a working condition, it shows the red light. If the WiFi is showing the red light, something is wrong with your router. You can reboot the router and modem to get this problem fixed.
Your Echo device and Smartphone must be one the same network
If the Echo Device and app is not on the same network, your Echo device will not work. Thus, you need to check and make sure that your device is present on the same network.
Update Echo Device
The outdated version may not let you use the device and it appears offline. So, check and make sure that your device is up to date and if it is not you need to update it to the latest version available.
Restart the Phone
Sometimes the small technical glitch on a smartphone shows the Echo device offline. Thus you need to restart your smartphone to restart the Alexa app. This will troubleshoot your problem.
Hopefully, after following these simple steps you can fix the Alexa says device is offline error. If these steps do not help you to troubleshoot the problem, we recommend you contact the Alexa experts and take professional advice to get rid of the trouble.

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