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How to download the Amazon Alexa app for Windows 7 PC?


Alexa is a wonderful smart voice assistant introduced by Amazon Inc. You can download Alexa app for PC Windows 7 and enjoy the benefits of fascinating features supported by Amazon Alexa. The application allows users to perform multiple tasks just with the voice command. For example- you can manage the functioning of Smart home devices with the Alexa app, prepare your to-do list, get weather updates, daily news, and a lot more. In this post, we are going to tell you how you can download the Amazon Alexa app for your Windows 7 PC.

What can you do with the Alexa app on Windows 7 PC?

  •  You can use the Alexa app to set timer, reminders, and alarms.
  •  You can create the shopping list and to-do list using the Amazon Alexa app.
  •  Listen to audiobooks and music using the Alexa application.
  • Control your Smart home devices.
  • Check your calendar and appointments.

Things you can try With Amazon Alexa app for Windows 7

  • Alexa,  what is on my calendar for today?
  •  Alexa,  what is the weather update?
  •  Alexa,  read my favorite book.
  •  Alexa,  turn off the television.

These are the examples of some simple voice commands that you can give to your Alexa app and she will respond back by executing your request.

How to download the Amazon Alexa app for Windows 7?

To download the Amazon Alexa app for Windows 7, you can follow the step-by-step guidelines mentioned below.

  • To download the Alexa application on your Windows 7 PC, you can visit the com, and click on the option ‘Download for PC’.  You can also download the application from Microsoft store.  Now the Alexa app is available on Microsoft Store for Windows 7 version or higher.
  • Once you have downloaded the application on your Windows 7 PC,  go to the ‘Download’ folder and look for the Alexa setup file. 
  •  Now, open the downloaded file and hit the ‘Run’ button to begin the Alexa app installed on your device.
  • After successfully installing the Amazon Alexa app,  you need to restart your computer.
  • On your Windows 7 PC,  click on the ‘Start’ menu and Amazon Alexa app. 
  • Hit the ‘Setup Amazon Alexa app’ option to proceed with the setup process.
  • Now, you will see a page appearing on your screen with the terms and conditions.
  • Agree with the terms and conditions and hit the Continue button. 

Follow the on-screen guidelines and complete the Alexa setup on your Windows 7 device.

That’s All! By following the simple steps you can download Alexa app for Windows 7PC. Once you are done with the installation and setup you are all set to use the Alexa services for the smart life experience. Do not forget to use the wake word ‘Alexa’ before the command. Amazon Alexa only responds to the voice commands. In case you are unable to download the Alexa app for Windows 7 PC, you can contact Alexa and take their advice to find and fix the problem and also share the helpful tips to use Alexa services.

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