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Alexa Echo Plus Setup: Connect Echo Plus to Alexa

Amazon Alexa is the best way to take advantage of all the smart services that Amazon is offering to the users. With Alexa Echo Plus Setup, users can make their life easier by using smart services just with voice input. If you have recently purchased the Amazon Echo Plus device, you need to unbox it and then walk through the setup procedure. Although the configuration of Amazon Echo plus does not require much time, there are certain things that you should know while setting up your device. So without any further delay, let's learn how you can set up your Amazon echo plus device

Amazon Echo Plus Setup: Guidelines to Follow

  • Download the application

Install the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone device to begin the setup process. If you have already installed the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet then check and make sure that you are using the latest version of the Alexa app. To use the application, you have to log in to it using the Amazon login credentials.

  • Plug-In the device

Go ahead and unpack your Echo Plus device to connect it to the power outlet. Now, you need to find a reliable spot in your home where you would like to place your Echo Plus device. For example; A living room or Kitchen. Once you have discovered the prime location, plug your device to the nearby power outlet.

  • Sync Amazon Echo Plus with App

Open the Amazon Alexa app, and go to the 'Settings' menu. You can find this menu on the upper left side of your screen. Tap the 'Add device' option and choose Amazon Echo>>Echo Plus.

  • Connect Echo To WiFi

Before you start using the Alexa services or ask the questions to your Alexa-enabled device, you have to connect the Echo plus to the home wi-fi network. You can do this by following the onscreen guidelines in the Amazon Alexa app appearing during the Echo plus setup. Go to the Settings>>Device Settings and select the device you would like to update.

Once you have successfully connected your Amazon Echo Plus, Speaker to the Wi-Fi, you can use the device to perform multiple Smart Tasks like controlling the smart thermostat, turning the smart light and smart switches on/off, play music and a lot more. You can also synchronize the music streaming services like apple music and Spotify.

Although, the Echo Plus speaker is the idlest smart speaker available to control smart devices. Unlike the other Echo devices, the Amazon Echo Plus works as the smart hub that can be connected to the ZigBee compatible devices without requiring the ZigBee hub. If you want to check your network for smart home devices, you can give a command "Alexa, find my devices".

Why is Alexa Echo Plus Setup is Useful?

If you have got multiple smart devices like smart TV, Phillip Hue lights, smart bulb, thermostat, Smart ring doorbells, you can use the Amazon echo plus speaker to control all these devices in one stop instead of managing the multiple smart Home systems. Additionally, the Alexa Echo Plus Setup acts as a smart hub for multiple ZigBee gadgets, it can save you from buying the multiple smart hubs for connecting your smart home devices as you can do this just by using the single device.

The Last Words

Amazon Echo Plus devices could be the ideal choice for living a smart life. You can complete the Alexa Echo Plus Setup with the guidelines mentioned above. But, if you are unable to execute the set of guidelines mentioned or connect your Smart home devices to Amazon Echo Plus, you can always go for the expert advice and get it done by the professional remotely.

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